Apex Smart Lockers – Secure Device Management

Solving the problem of productivity plateau

Data suggests overall labour productivity has only grown 1-2% per year during the tech and industry booms, beginning in the 90’s. With trillions invested during this time period, common sense would suggest that productivity also increased, but this isn’t the case. A new hypothesis suggests that we’re focusing on the wrong kind of productivity — and, in turn, the wrong kind of management. It turns out that enterprise productivity is different than just the sum of personal productivity.

So, how can we increase productivity in the workplace?

APEX smart lockers solve the issues with workplace efficiency and increase industrial productivity by increasing it by a margin oInf up to 15%. Studies show that in order to be competitive, you and your business need to increase productivity in the workplace my factors of 15% each year.


Cloud based asset control

The cloud is an ideal platform for site-facilities management. Why? In a nutshell: it is easy to deploy because the technology is outsourced, able to collect and process data from anywhere at any time, can be delivered to any user platform, and is easily scalable. A vast amount of data from HVAC, lighting, and energy use can be gathered at predetermined intervals, shot up to the Cloud, analysed, and shared with decision makers via reporting applications.

The best part?

You’re not limited by the amount of remote locations that can be linked via the Cloud; you can manage and grow, as you need.

Six key benefits of Cloud-based BMSs

  1.  Continuous Improvement –Take a peek into individual or overall building operations to evaluate energy costs and compare performance across sites.
  2. Proactive Maintenance – Cut problems off at the pass. Things like declining performance in a chiller could indicate equipment failure. You now have the power to dispatch maintenance before a crisis occurs.
  3. Worker Comfort – Keep everyone, everywhere happy at all times. Continuously monitoring local conditions ensures comfort can be maintained.
  4. Real-Time Alerts – Stuff happens. Unexpected events and out-of-spec conditions can trigger automatic alerts that give you the time needed to take swift action and solve problems.
  5. Crowd Sourcing – The more the merrier. The Cloud makes it easier to share information and enable “bottom-up” solutions. Avoid the need to reinvent the wheel by storing reusable assets, like local system control programs, in a central library that can be accessed from anywhere.
  6. Improved Services – Arm the right people with the right information. Overall building services are improved when decision makers, from local maintenance to corporate planners, are kept in the loop.

Advantages of APEX Smart Lockers (old vs. new)

Some of the great new features of APEX smart lockers INCLUDE-

  • Integrated Controllers
  • Narrow depth to suit restricted access locations
  • Drilled holes for charging cables
  • Simple asset management check in and out process (ie. Use employee badge for entry, picks asset for you)
  • Real-time access to information from any device with web access
  • Highly configurable machines
  • Full Business intelligence/analytics

Economic Advantages of APEX Smart Lockers

Some of the major economic advantages to using APEX smart lockers in your warehouse include:

Savings for direct and indirect labour;
  • Travel and waiting time
  • No supervisor involvement
  • Reduced spares
  • RMA control on broken devices
  • Eliminate need for management involvement in deployment, searching and locating
  • Elimination of lost RF devices.

How using APEX Smart Lockers reduces your inventory;

Inventory reduction;

Handheld device levels reduced by as much as 15%, due to improved control and visibility;

  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Firmware and spares control
  • Reduced damage and obsolescence
  • Control and accountability of critical devices

Reduced operational costs;

  • Sustained cost reduction between 10%-20%
  • Time management
  • Shrinkage reduced
  • No hoarding
  • Spares control
  • Getting teams to work faster