As part of its key initiative to support future growth, global clothing designer and manufacturer AS Colour has deployed a Cloud-Enabled Wi-Fi 6 solution with Extreme Networks and Dematic to improve mobile device connectivity and efficiency within the warehouse.

The solution provides AS Colour with a robust, high-capacity, high-efficiency Wi-Fi 6 network to operate seamlessly in a challenging warehouse environment, handling large amounts of data transmitted between mobile devices and AS Colour’s backend systems.

With a much higher density warehouse environment, ensuring high-performance Wi-Fi was essential for AS Colour to support its current and future growth and improve overall warehouse reliability.

“Rather than waiting for issues to arise or expecting our warehouse staff to tell us if they are having problems with the network, our IT team now has complete visibility of each access point across our entire global operations from a single-pane-of-glass dashboard. These insights give us increased visibility, flexibility and scalability across our IT network,” said Lawrence Railton, Managing Director, AS Colour.

AS Colour is also deploying the Dematic Multishuttle® Goods-to-Person (GTP) solution to the Auckland DC, in a bid to drive operational efficiencies and reduce the overall size and power requirements of its warehouse.

Acting as a high-density automated storage and retrieval system, the Dematic solution provides the space with high-density tote storage and high sequenced order picking for better productivity.

“With a smaller warehouse footprint, the Dematic solution has reduced our construction costs by about 30%, and we’ve now also seen increased pick rates of 20–30% as a result,” said Lawrence. “Additionally, we’ve been able to increase our product storage capacity by about 35%, which has brought in more revenue and given us a buffer against any supply chain issues.”

Additionally, AS Colour rolled out a new warehouse management system (WMS) supported by the introduction of handheld Android devices for distribution staff, which works to complement the automated Multishuttle system.

“Dematic has been a really strong technology partner, helping us from a global perspective, and we see this as a long-term partnership to meet all our automation and wireless networking needs as we continue to expand as a business in the future.”

With the integration of an advanced automated warehouse solution and the latest Wi-Fi technology, AS Colour has been able to distinguish itself in a highly competitive retail market. The high-quality fit, fabric and finish of its garments is now supported by the efficiency of its newly improved supply chain and distribution operations.

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