AS Colour is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of premium apparel operating as a wholesaler and retailer in New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA. Starting out in New Zealand in 2005 as a supplier of quality basics tobe screenprinted as merchandise for concert tours and events, AS Colour now operates from warehouses in Auckland, Melbourne, Los Angeles and Marlow (near London), a global e-commerce site and an extensive range of retail stores in New Zealand and Australia.

AS Colour embarked on a strategy to support the company’s expected growth over the next decade. This path to digital transformation includes more efficient warehouse operations, improved environmental performance and greater supply chain resilience.

With a much higher density warehouse environment, ensuring high-performance Wi-Fi was essential. AS Colour turned to Extreme Networks’ partner Dematic to upgrade the basic Cisco wireless infrastructure in its Melbourne and Auckland warehouses to cloud-based Extreme network infrastructure, comprising AP510C access points supported by the ExtremeCloud IQ management platform.

With their new infrastructure in place, AS Colour has seen a 25 -30% increase in pick rates, as well as a considerable increase in operational efficiencies and network visibility.

Click here to download the full AS Colour Mobile case study.


  • 25-30% Increase in picking rates
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Consistent, secure, high-capacity Wi-Fi network
  • Productivity increases
  • Complete network visibility from one central NZ location.


Full AS Colour case study