Vehicle mount computers are ideal for industrial applications in which the user spends most of their time on a forklift or other type of mobile equipment. They maximise worker productivity and task accuracy and streamline operations throughout the warehouse and production environment.

Today’s rugged vehicle mount computers are built to withstand the toughest environments, including complete protection from dust and dirt, forklift truck vibrations and power surges. Terminals come in different form to suit different operational requirements, from small touch-screen devices, through to mid-sized devices with ergonomic keypads, and large units with full-sized screens. They provide a complete suite of connectivity options for a range of devices including barcode and RFID scanners, printers and weigh scales.

Drawing on our knowledge of industrial operations and our extensive range of best-in-class technologies, Dematic can help you select the best vehicle mount computer for your needs and budget, seamlessly integrating the solution with your host computer system and providing on-going 24/7 support.

Contact Dematic Real Time Logistics today to discuss a solution for your business, or check out some of our partners’ best-in-class devices below.

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