Industrial Scanners for Harsh Environments

Dematic offer a comprehensive range of industrial scanners ideal for use in harsh industrial environments. With the capability to handle one, two and three dimensional codes Dematic scanners provide outstanding performance and rapid response.

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Scanners & Imagers FAQs

How do inventory scanners work?

An inventory scanner is used to read the barcode of an item, the information encoded in the barcode is read by the scanner and then tracked in real-time by a central warehouse management system.

What happens when a barcode is scanned?

Once a barcode is scanned the information encoded in the barcode is read by your inventory management software and tracked by a central warehouse management system giving real-time inventory and material flow data.

How much does a warehouse scanning solution cost?

A warehouse scanning solution can range in cost, performance and size depending on your requirements. Generally, the first step is to have an initial consultation where we will review your specific requirements and can provide an accurate quote.

What are the basic functions of inventory management software?

Inventory Managment Software is a solution that automates the process of tracking and managing your inventory. The system will provide visibility of all available stock and materials, helping to maintain an optimum level of stock to fulfil orders without holding too much of an item. Key features to consider include integration with your POS system and E-commerce channel, product cost analysis and forecasting, as well as barcoding and RFID capabilities.

What are the benefits of using warehouse barcode scanners?

A barcode scanner provides fast and accurate capture of data whilst reducing paperwork and a chance of human error. Scanners are easy to implement and can significantly improve team productivity making for a cost-effective solution with minimal implementation disruption.

What are the benefits of using barcode scanners?

There are many benefits of using barcode scanners, most notably they are very easy to implement as scanners require minimal programming and training for staff is very simple. Using barcode scanners can improve picking accuracy, prevent human errors, decrease paperwork and decrease operational costs.




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