Even the most sophisticated wireless terminal needs to receive instructions in a fashion that allows an activity to occur. That’s where Dematic’s comprehensive range of software solutions makes a difference. All Dematic software is designed to seamlessly manage and automate the flow of information, automatically defining work flow activity and providing reports that result in better management decision making.

Dematic’s knowledge-based logistics platform, Dematic iQ, provides our customers the information they need to swiftly adapt and optimise their supply chain fulfilment operations on a real-time basis, whether on-site or remote. Read more about Dematic iQ software here.

Dematic’s software abilities:

  • Taking global orders from a WMS and creating a task in a warehouse that ensures the order is fulfilled in the right sequence, on time and on budget
  • Managing two-way information flow in real time
  • Providing all the benefits of wireless IT even in businesses too small to have a fully blown WMS
  • Managing material flow through a distribution centre by coordinating automated and semi-automated activities
  • Providing instructions to pickers in real time
  • Enabling voice commands using the content of databases designed to facilitate RF picking
  • Updating WMS with inventory availability in real time
  • Providing management information concerning productivity and performance that enhances operations and management decision making

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