RFID Systems for Closed & Open Loop Systems

Dematic offers a wide range of RFID solutions designed for both closed and open loop systems.

In a closed loop system, a pallet or tote is captive in-house. RFID tagging means that the precise location of the item is known at all times, giving you inventory and material flow control.

In open loop systems, disposable tags can be used for track-and-trace of goods throughout the supply chain, including temperature controlled operations.

Further applications provided by Dematic include tracking of high-value assets in the field, assisting in both stocktake and location control. Additional information such as maintenance history can be embedded in RFID applications, enhancing field operations, maintenance, and safety.

Contact Dematic Real Time Logistics today to discuss RFID at your facility, or check out some of the best-in-class RFID readers and transponder tags below.

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