Important factors to consider when selecting a Service Plan:

The time your equipment will be away for repair

  • How many days can you be without your equipment?
  • What is the cost to your business while equipment is being repaired?
  • Do you have spares on-site to cover the equipment that is being repaired?
    Note: Warranty repair turnaround time is a minimum of two weeks.

Who is going to configure devices once repaired?

    • Different technologies use different operating systems and firmware versions making the configuration process difficult and complicated
    • Do your site operators have the knowledge and time to carry out this task?
    • Service Plans can include the configuration of devices once repaired
      Note: Warranty repairs do not include the configuration of your equipment after repair

What is covered

  • Mobility provides many benefits to your operation although it makes the equipment more susceptible to being dropped and damaged
  • Wear and tear on equipment due to harsh conditions including varying temperatures, dust,
  • Select a Service Plan which covers all wear and tear and accidental damage
  • The right service plan can provide fixed maintenance costs to help with forecasting operational expenses
    Note: Warranty repairs are limited to manufacturer defects only. Repair of wear, tear, or damage will incur additional cost.

Repair process

  • Where is the Service Partner’s service centre located?
  • Do you need to send equipment to multiple locations?
  • Which model goes to which Service Partner?
  • If you have equipment from multiple Service Partners the repair return process can become complicated
  • Understanding the repair process for each Service Partner will help in selecting the right Service Plan for your needs
  • Dematic can be your single source for repair services
  • Take a look at the Dematic Service Plans to simplify the repair process

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