Industrial Wireless Networks (WLAN)

Dematic-designed Wireless LANs are dedicated private networks that provide you with a range of impressive benefits including dependable high-speed performance, faster response times, data security and greater accuracy. And, unlike Telco provided networks, they are designed to eliminate dark spots in your warehouse, factory, yard or port and ensure uninterrupted workflow.

Dematic has broad experience in implementing wireless networks throughout the supply chain, and where cost-effective, can integrate Telco networks securely to ensure direct-network interface for even the most remote mobile employee.

In complex warehousing and manufacturing environments, Dematic’s network design and performance is unparalleled. But the real Dematic difference is in providing the process improvement benefits gained from a true understanding of your business.

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Benefits of Wireless LANs in warehousing:

  • Dependable high-speed performance
  • Faster response times
  • Data security
  • Greater accuracy
  • Eliminate dark spots
  • Ensure uninterrupted workflow
  • Best-in-class WLAN technologies

Dematic Industrial Wireless Networks (WLAN)

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Industrial Wireless Networks FAQs

What is the difference between WiFi and WLAN?

The terms Wireless Lan, WLAN or Wireless Local Area Network and WiFi are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Put simply, WiFi is one type of Wireless LAN, which is one type of wireless network. They refer to the same technology as they are both a wireless network that can transfer data at high speeds, however, WiFi refers to wireless communication, while WLAN uses that communication in a local area network, hence the name Wireless Local Area Network. In a warehouse setting, WLAN enables devices to communicate with each other efficiently in a local area.

What is the advantage of using WLAN in a warehouse?

Functionally robust wireless local area networks can help supply chain operations to improve asset tracking capabilities and reduce order fulfilment periods. Paired with mobile technologies, warehouse operators may also increase inventory data accuracy through automated inventory cycle counts. Dematic wireless LANs are designed to eliminate dark spots in your warehouse, factory, yard or port, ensure uninterrupted workflow, and real-time data.


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