What is Wifi-6?

Wifi 6, also called 802.11ax, is the latest version of the wireless technology which enables computers to transmit data using radio signals. … This update to the wireless standard will support even faster Wi-Fi speeds and the ability to handle multiple simultaneous connections more efficiently.

When will it be available?

While plenty of routers and clients are already available with chips using the 802.11ax certification, Wi-Fi 6 is just beginning its rollout. It will become part of the official IEEE specification in September 2020.  

Benefits of Wifi-6 Technology

  1. Uptime/Productivity
  2. Cost Reduction
  3. Speed of Decision Making
  4. Interconnectivity
  5. Security (important)
  6. Outdoor access
  7. Extend wifi range
  8. IoT adaptability
  9. Latency
  10. Speed benefits exist, but the core feature is the ability to increase the number of connected devices

Other Benefits

  • Lower battery consumption in Wi-Fi 6 devices supported by Wi-Fi 6 networks
  • Higher data rates with peak Gigabit speeds
  • Increased capacity with reduced latency to support higher numbers of users and devices, thanks to improved medium access control (MAC) control signalling
  • High-performance levels in the densest environments
  • More robust outdoor network operations
  • Increased efficiency and lower latency with an orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) uplink and downlink digital modulation scheme

Implementation in your warehouse

This vertical market consists of environments such as airports, convention centres, malls, industrial warehouse applications and more. In these venues, population density is quite high, and the expectation is that the BSS will need to support a high number of users. 

The demand in these venues for bandwidth continues to increase, with the requirement for video and streaming applications driving this demand. Wi-Fi 6, with its modifications to the standard to improve the efficiency of the spectrum, will serve this vertical market well by allowing concurrent usage and supporting the continual increase for bandwidth per user. 

As certain venues also see a rise in voice traffic (carrier offload) on the Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi 6’s ability to handle latency more efficiently will also prove beneficial to this vertical market.

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