Fixed & Mobile Industrial Printers

Dematic provides an impressive range of fixed and mobile printers. While some manufacturers virtually give away their printers to lock in lucrative consumable sales, Dematic takes the view that the combination of a correctly applied printer and a well-designed process is a better solution due to the lifecycle value added to your operations.

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Industrial Printers FAQs

How much do industrial printers cost?

Industrial printers can range in cost, performance and size depending on your requirements. Generally, the first step is to have an initial consultation where we will review your specific requirements and can provide an accurate quote. Get your quote here.

Can mobile printers be used in a cold environment?

Not all mobile printers are suitable to operate in extreme temperature conditions so it is important to refer to the product information for their environmental operating capabilities. Dematic stock a range of cold temperature compliant devices which are engineered to provide reliable operation, regardless of the environment. View our mobile printer product range here for more information.

Are mobile printers durable?

Yes, Dematic provides an extensive range of mobile printers that have been designed to perform and endure in the harshest industrial environments. Our range of mobile printers have been tested to withstand multiple drops on concrete from 1.52m and have IP43 dust and IP54 water resistance rating. Review our range of mobile printers here.

What is thermal transfer printing?

Thermal transfer printing is a digital printing method that uses a thermal print head to apply heat to a thin ribbon made of resin-based ink or wax. Once heated the wax is transferred and absorbed into the labels surface creating a high quality, long-lasting print.

What is the difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer printing?

The key difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer printing is thermal transfer printing uses ribbons to transfer ink whereas direct thermal prints directly by using a heat-sensitive surface that blackens when heat is applied.

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