Network reliability and swift action in resolving wireless issues are central to business efficiency and in ensuring the accurate and timely delivery of goods. Just as mobile phone networks connect users around the world, a wireless LAN connects your people to your warehouse management system, providing a secure and reliable link between your IT systems and your workers, whether in the warehouse, port or yard.

Shift after shift, mobile devices and printers rely on the wireless network to keep your business running. Changes to site layout, product type, number of devices, temperature, software, radio device profile, hardware faults and many other things, can affect the performance and stability of your wireless network.

The design and configuration of a wireless network are critical in providing reliable, secure performance in any industrial application. It is important to first look at your current IT system infrastructure, including any networks that are in place, and the physical environment in which the wireless network needs to operate.

Manager accessing data from warehouse
A wireless LAN connects your people to your warehouse management system.

Dematic can advise you on network architecture, the choice of middleware (if required) and a range of security measures including the use of secure servers, sensors, wireless intrusion prevention systems WIPS and PCI-compliance, to ensure your wireless network is providing the vital connectivity that your business needs.

If your wireless network isn’t effectively set up for your facility, your business is at risk of losing data capture, having to return to manual paper-based picking processes, and having no visibility of overall business operations and performance. The result would be a reduction in both productivity and accuracy, as well as not being able to meet the expectations of your customers.

Dematic-designed Wireless LANs are dedicated private networks that provide you with a range of benefits including dependable high-speed performance, faster response times, data security and greater accuracy. And unlike Telco provided networks, they are designed to eliminate dark spots in your warehouse to ensure uninterrupted workflow.

Dematic has extensive experience in implementing wireless networks throughout the supply chain, and where cost-effective, can integrate Telco networks securely to ensure direct-network interface for even the most remote employee.

Network strength and operational efficiency keep your business up and running and competitive.  Dematic’s Wireless LAN support includes a monitoring service that constantly runs remote checks on wireless access points. If issues such as access point failures or intermittent hardware faults arise, an email alert is immediately sent to warehouse operators, providing the fastest possible response time to problems. Dematic can then quickly respond with the appropriate action to resolve the issue, either through a remote connection, on-site replacement, or reconfiguration of failed hardware.

Without Dematic’s support service, warehouse operators would be forced to manually identify wireless network problems themselves, and contact their technology supplier to request repairs. Dematic’s cost-effective monitoring service allows companies to fully outsource Wireless LAN monitoring and issue resolution. This is particularly valuable for smaller warehouse operations that aren’t equipped to monitor their wireless infrastructure at all times.

In complex warehousing and manufacturing environments, Dematic’s network design and performance is unparalleled. We recognise that your wireless network is the backbone of your business, and support you to set up an optimal network, as well as ensuring it is running 24/7, seven days a week.

Dematic operates the largest, vendor-independent 24/7 logistics IT service network in Australasia. For further information contact us today.