SYDNEY, NSW – 23 June 2014 – Dematic, today announced it is enhancing its suite of Wireless LAN support services for Australian and New Zealand warehouses with the addition of a Wireless LAN Remote Monitoring service which optimises wireless network coverage at all times, and avoids costly business downtime.

In recognition of the rising value of network strength and operational efficiency in ensuring the accurate and timely delivery of goods, Dematic’s new Wireless LAN Monitoring service constantly runs remote checks on wireless access points. If issues such as access point failures or intermittent hardware faults arise, an email alert is immediately sent to the Dematic 24×7 ServiceDesk, giving the fastest possible response time to problems. Dematic can then quickly respond with the appropriate action to resolve the issue, either through remote connection, on-site replacement, or reconfiguration of failed hardware.

Previously, local warehouse operators needed to manually identify wireless network problems themselves and then contact their technology supplier to request repairs. Dematic’s new monitoring service is designed for warehouse managers who want to fully outsource Wireless LAN monitoring and issue resolution. This would be particularly valuable for smaller warehouse operations that aren’t equipped to conduct in-house monitoring of their own wireless infrastructure.

“Dematic’s Wireless LAN Monitoring Service offers round-the-clock information about the health of our customers’ wireless network coverage without the need to carry out manual checks,” said Rodney Case, Dematic’s Customer Service Manager for Real Time Logistics. “This allows organisations to be immediately alerted to any issues, so they can be resolved quickly before there is any impact on operations. It avoids the potential situation of having to endure reduced network strength due to impaired access points and single strength coverage, or the worst case scenario of complete network downtime that halts operations and hurts the business’ bottom line.”

The monitoring service is also of great benefit to organisations concerned about the safety of their IT workers. Repairs to wireless access points in high ceiling areas can be detected by the monitoring service then left to the experts. Dematic customer service engineers are technically certified across a wide range of logistics solutions as well as working at heights, enabling them to repair access points at heights up to 15 metres.

“Dematic’s focus day-in, day-out is working with the logistics industry to develop and provide technology solutions that enhance warehouse efficiency and productivity,” said Brian Lang, Dematic General Manager of Real Time Logistics. “Our industry-leading Wireless LAN Monitoring service is the latest addition to Dematic’s extensive range of services offering our customers the peace of mind that the people who designed and built their systems are on hand to take care of them.”

Dematic operates the largest, vendor-independent 24/7 real-time logistics service and support network in Australia and New Zealand. The Wireless LAN Monitoring service is designed to complement and extend Dematic’s existing warehouse Wireless LAN 24/7 Hardware Support service. For further information call +61 2 9486 5403 or visit

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