SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – March 16, 2020 — Dematic has been named Honeywell’s 2019 Partner of the Year for Asia Pacific region.

As part of its performance recognition awards, Honeywell presented long-term partner Dematic with this award on the accomplishment of innovation, annual business growth, and the ability to integrate new and emerging technology into customer solutions.

After a huge year of business and innovative initiatives, Dematic won the award for many industry achievements, including the completion of upgrades of technology solutions for Dematic’s top-tier wholesaler customers.

Brian Lang, Dematic’s General Manager of Real Time Logistics, said he was very proud to accept this award, which showcases the hard work and dedication from all members of the Dematic Real Time Logistics team.

“Dematic is extremely pleased to be recognised for our achievements in 2019, which was a very busy year for us putting new products and processes into practice. Honeywell is a very valued partner and it’s an honour for our work to be highlighted and our company acknowledged as an industry leader,” said Brian.


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