Voice technology brings a number of benefits to business, particularly its high flexibility, adaptability and scalability. No two warehouse operations are the same, therefore the ability of Voice to be tailored to a specific business operation has led to Voice becoming one of the leading warehouse technologies capable of meeting current and future industry needs.

Voice technology’s inherent flexibility allows it to be easily integrated with other common warehouse technologies and software to deliver an end-to-end solution. Here we outline the four technologies and software that make up a complete Voice technology solution.

WMS / ERP Systems

Voice technology integrates with all major WMS, ERP, material handling and maintenance and inspection systems. It streamlines processes and the flow of information not only within one facility, but potentially across a company’s national or global network of facilities. It allows for benchmarking and comparison from one operation or location to another. Language flexibility is another feature of a Voice-based solution, which supports any language, dialect or accent.

Voice operates in real time, resulting in a constant flow of data generated by the system. When running in conjunction with a WMS, all tasks can be tracked to better manage the productivity of the workforce or to locate workers where they are needed most.

Automated data also assists in meeting increased government regulations, for example around the traceability of food, beverage and pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain. At the same time, businesses can better respond to customer demands through real-time visibility of the history and status of the products they order.

Barcode scanners

For mobile workers who occasionally need a barcode scanner for tasks such as order induction or long serial and lot number capture, Voice can be accompanied by purpose-built scanners, such as Honeywell’s Vocollect A730 device (pictured above). The Vocollect device contains an integrated short-range scanner, which allows workers to use Voice and scanning in tandem to fully optimise their workflow processes. The device doesn’t need to be carried in worker’s hands at all times and can be unholstered for scanning, or can scan hands-free.

Mobile Computers

Today’s DC teams are more mobile than ever. An additional technology than can complement Voice is mobile devices, which are often the best fit for optimising the performance of warehouse operators.

Honeywell’s Voice software runs on a broad set of industry-leading, Voice-capable mobile computing devices. And Honeywell is continually performing speech recognition and system performance testing to identify additional devices to support.

Vehicle mount computers

Vehicle-based workers can also benefit from Voice-directed work using the same Voice appliance in a vehicle mount configuration. Voice technology can be combined with vehicle mount computers, software and hardware to reduce damage, improve safety, reduce costs and enhance productivity, for operations that use industrial vehicles such as forklifts. Drivers log onto the vehicle, and complete vehicle inspection checklists. Supervisors can also access real-time vehicle performance data, including detailed accident information and driver performance assessments.

Voice technology is a flexible choice for warehouse managers who want to choose the mix of devices that best fit their operation. Voice is designed to work with a wide range of warehouse software and mobile devices, allowing businesses to equip workers with the tools that suit their individual tasks and working styles.

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