Bringing voice-directed warehousing to Android devices

By Brian Lang, Director Real Time Logistics, Dematic.

Honeywell has integrated its Guided Work Solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This means that distribution centres (DCs) can now take advantage of voice-directed work if they use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as their ERP solution.

The integration of Honeywell Voice with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next step in allowing businesses of all shapes and sizes to maximise their investments in hardware, to achieve a huge boost in efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, which helps to streamline DC operations.

Businesses who have invested in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can now deploy voice headsets alongside any Android mobile device with the Honeywell Guided Work Solutions application downloaded.

Streamline your warehouse operations

Today, many small and medium businesses use paper-based methods to carry out the majority of tasks within the warehouse or DC, as well as scanners and other warehouse technologies, which are not centrally connected and are extremely time consuming. By integrating Honeywell Guided Work Solutions into Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, users are able to boost their productivity and accuracy by having simple access to advanced voice technology and all of its benefits at their fingertips.

Honeywell Voice is a seamless, paperless, and hands-free system, that can now provide workers direct access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for both receiving and entering data. When Microsoft Dynamics 365 needs work done in the DC, the work is pushed down to the voice-enabled Android mobile application. Workers are then guided through their workflow using a mobile device and voice headset, with the inputs from voice and scanning then sent back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 automatically. This includes data gathered through anything from order picking, to replenishment, cycle counting and receiving.

Honeywell Guided Work Solutions is an out of the box system that is easily integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. After only a small amount of configuration and training, which Honeywell will provide as part of the product, it can be deployed in just 4-6 weeks, allowing customers to begin using the solution and experiencing its benefits immediately.

The benefits of Honeywell Voice

Increased Productivity – Up to a 35% improvement from legacy systems, allowing workers’ hands to always be free to pick products and complete all warehouse tasks.

  • Improved Accuracy – With eyes always focused on the job, workers are able to quickly find products in the correct location, reducing errors by up to 50%.
  • Works across many DC functions – The solution is transferable to a wide range of warehouse tasks including automated picking, receiving, put-away, and cycle counting – resulting in simple training methods for workers across all functions.
  • Integrated Bundle solution – Simple bundle offering including hardware, headset, the application, and licencing for an easy purchase, deployment, and support guideline.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and safety – Heightened worker productivity with voice guidance makes the employees’ roles more intuitive and focused, resulting in fewer accidents and better worker satisfaction.

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