By: Brian Lang, Director Real Time Logistics, Dematic.

As customer expectations around delivery continue to rise, order fulfilment becomes increasingly demanding, and distribution centres (DCs) are under more pressure than ever before to fulfil orders quicker. It is crucial that DCs invest in technology that will improve efficiency and productivity in the warehouse in order to keep up with the increasing demands the supply chain industry is currently facing.

For more than 20 years, Honeywell has helped DCs across the globe to achieve significant productivity and accuracy gains by empowering their workers with Vocollect voice solutions. Honeywell has now introduced two new voice solutions compatible with the current most popular mobile operating system, Android, to the Australian and New Zealand market.

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New Guided Work Solutions software bring Android to Vocollect voice solutions

Honeywell’s newly introduced Guided Work Solutions software paired with Vocollect A700x Series of mobile devices will help Australian and New Zealand supply chain businesses improve efficiency through hands-free, eyes-up solutions.

Designed for small-to-medium-sized warehouses, Honeywell’s Guided Work Solutions is a software application that runs on the Android operating system (OS) and is based on the company’s industry-leading Vocollect voice technology.

Honeywell’s Guided Work Solutions software is bringing Vocollect Voice to Android devices, and with Microsoft ceasing its support on the Window OS, Google Android has emerged as the leading OS, so this compatibility is crucial.

Honeywell has identified a number of security challenges that Android devices presented and has developed solutions that remove the potential risks to supply chain businesses looking to migrate to Android. Honeywell has also provided these businesses with the ability to remotely manage devices running the Android OS, with managers able to remotely upgrade software, lock or kill stolen or lost devices, and all via a simple console. The console can also be used to manage not only hand-held devices but also scanners and even consumer smartphones as well.

The Guided Work Solutions software runs on a wide range of compatible hardware, including Vocollect Voice, Honeywell’s mobile computers, as well as other Android mobile devices. The Android platform provides support for multiple interfaces including voice, scanning and keypad. Android devices are enhancing the user experience and offering differentiated software applications, and Honeywell’s voice solutions will provide further benefits to the warehouse.

Easily configured and quickly deployed on Vocollect Voice, the Guided Work Solutions guides workers through a variety of warehouse tasks, from picking to receiving, replenishment and put-away. Businesses can achieve numerous benefits, with results showing up to 35% productivity gains, 50% error reductions and 20% fewer safety incidents – all while cutting training time in half.

Voice technology in the warehouse

Voice solutions provide numerous benefits in the warehouse including productivity, accuracy, scalability and management visibility.

Honeywell’s popular Vocollect A700x Series empowers mobile workers in DCs to operate hands-free with voice technology. The technology benefits both the worker – with intuitive and ergonomic wearable technology, and the DC operation – with outstanding productivity and business value.

The Vocollect A700x Series includes A730x, A720x and A710x, and each device is able to support simultaneous use of Bluetooth-enabled headsets, scanners, and printers. They all also support vehicle-mounted configurations, which significantly reduces device handling, damage, start-up time, and battery purchase needs. The A700x Series devices also fully support existing software implementations, which makes updating to this new platform extremely easy and cost-effective.

Honeywell Vocollect voice solutions provide proven and innovative workflow performance technologies custom designed for DC, maintenance and inspection, and retail environments. They are used by nearly 1 million mobile workers in DCs around the world. Vocollect technology streamlines mobile workforces by providing best-in-class, voice-enabled workflow processes in 60 countries and 39 languages worldwide.

Voice technology can also scale to suit changing business requirements while empowering management with greater control, flexibility and visibility over warehouse operations.

Voice technology paired with Honeywell’s Guided Work Solutions will help businesses achieve significant efficiency and productivity gains within the warehouse, and as technology continues to play an increasingly important role in DCs, adopting new solutions will be non-negotiable for those wanting to stay competitive.

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