By, Brian Lang, Director of Real Time Logistics, Dematic

Dematic’s newest offering to warehouse innovation, wearable vision picking technology, is set to be the next step towards total warehouse optimisation, allowing workers to project the information they need right into their real-time field of view.

Wearable vision picking technology streamlines operations by accurately identifying and managing products to be picked within the distribution centre (DC).

The technology provides similar benefits in warehousing to Voice picking systems, by delivering paperless and hands-free operation. However, vision technology provides operators with a visual overlay of all the information they need for efficient warehouse processes, wherever and whenever they need it.

Wearable vision picking technology to optimise operations

Wearable vision picking technology typically comprises an ergonomic head-mounted display with a wearable computer, without the requirement of an additional input device.

By using wearable vision picking technology, businesses are set to achieve significant improvements to efficiency, accuracy, and the productivity of overall warehouse operations.

With vision picking technology, a ‘Heads-up Display’ (HUD) provides visual overlays of information about a task at the time and location that this information is required. For example, when a warehouse picker reaches the desired pick location, a description of the required product and the quantity needed would be displayed in the operator’s wearable glasses. This eliminates the need to carry a pick list or handheld device, freeing up the operator’s hands for the actual pick tasks.

Benefits of the wearable vision picking solution

The core benefits of wearable vision picking technology within warehouse operations stem from its agility, quick fulfilment capabilities, user-friendly intuitiveness, hands-free operation, and improved Operational Health & Safety (OH&S).

The standout feature of this solution is improved picking accuracy; greatly reducing the number of human errors that occur during warehouse product picking. Moreover, the technology provides operators with an image display, which also helps them to identify and pick the correct product more accurately.

Wearable vision technology is also integrated with barcode scanning equipment and cameras to help guide operators through the warehouse and to where they need to be. Route optimisation and timely access to correct data allows operators to work more efficiently, and virtually eliminate errors. All items, totes, and locations can easily be checked visually, providing continuous quality control and inventory management, and reducing the need for time-consuming stocktakes.

Key design features

Setting itself apart from other ‘smart glasses’ technologies in the market, wearable vision picking technology built for industrial applications like the warehouse, is a separate entity that mounts to regular off-the-shelf safety glasses. The solution offers a robust and agile design that is purpose-built for rugged warehouse environments, decreasing the effect of damage due to its better durability. Likewise, with a feather-light design for seamless, all-day comfort, it is lighter than any other enterprise wearable display on the market and is a hygienic design made for sharing.

The crisp image quality offers best-in-class head-mounted display technology, with unmatched colour, contrast, and image quality. It also minimises eye fatigue by measuring focal distance optimised for head-mounted applications, with the option to switch from right to left eye in a matter of seconds. The fully adjustable frame mount also accommodates prescription glasses and a wide range of inter-pupillary distances with its flexible alignment.

For improved safety and better visibility to attend to other warehouse tasks, the wearable vision picking technology can be flipped upwards and out of view instantaneously to take away its distraction.

Fast deployment ─ and easy application integration

With its ingenious architecture, the wearable vision picking solution uses the battery power in the host mobile computer, meaning no external batteries are needed. This eliminates the health risk associated with batteries being in close proximity to the upper body.

Additionally, no Wi-Fi or cellular radios are required. By using the radios in the host mobile computer for a transparent connection to Wi-Fi and cellular wireless networks, the solution enables a flexible configuration that reinforces central connectivity and network stability. In other words, there is no need to configure a separate wireless radio and certify it within a network – you just need to plug the solution into the mobile computer and power it on.

Built to handle everyday drops, bumps and spills, and to last as long as your mobile computer does, wearable vision picking technology is the most agile, robust, and accurate tool for effectively optimising warehouse picking operations available today.

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