The new SRX2 wireless headset is the must-have Voice headset for your warehouse. The updated deisgn includes a number of features for enhanced flexibility and usability, including modular components, longer battery life, enhanced comfort, superior speech recognition and the ability to operate in a range of environments.

Modular/Shareable Components

Clever modular design means that headset components can be shared without hygiene issues, lowering costs and increasing your headset availability.

Suits Every Operating Environment

The SRX2 wireless headset is equally effective in dry, cool, freezer, high-noise and fast-paced picking environments, providing you with the ultimate in Voice picking flexibility.

Longer Battery Life

Compact batteries that last two full shifts in dry facilities and up to 10 hours in a freezer environment, with intelligent battery management that predicts battery life.

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Enhanced Comfort

Padded headband with unique 360° spin for multiple levels of user adjustment, and flexible multi-microphone boom accommodating left and right ear configurations for improved overall user comfort.

Superior Speech Recognition

An embedded multi-microphone array reduces unwanted word and sound insertions by more than 50% versus the leading headset solution, while 22 kHz acoustic sampling provides higher audio clarity.

Benefits of the SRX2 Wireless Voice Headset:

  • Reduced cost per operator
  • Maximised uptime
  • Improved user productivity
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Better Voice recognition and noise reduction
  • Enhanced ergonomics and hygiene
  • Predictive battery life


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