Pick to Light Systems to Improve Accuracy & Productivity

Dematic is a pioneer of Pick to Light systems. Typically used for fast-moving split-case SKU’s in zone routing conveyor systems, Dematic Pick to Light systems improve accuracy and productivity. The Dematic system uses clever PickDIRECTOR software to allocate orders to a range of different lights, optimising system performance.

All displays are moveable using the Dematic designed self-sealing power and data cable system. This system provides optimum picking efficiency at the lowest cost per SKU.

Different display options are available to minimise system cost including the following:


MaxiPick displays provide bay or zone functionality at individual picking locations, a four-digit LED readout indicates pick quantity and an OK button acknowledges picks. It can also be configured as a MaxiTwin.


MaxiTwin displays are a configuration variant of MaxiPick using end caps that link rows and racks together so the entire system is connected.


When using the lower cost Single and TwinPick solution, whole button flashes indicating a pick from a single SKU and when the top and bottom halves flash independently, picks from two SKUs are required.


Identifies when any pick in the bay is active. The display flashes red or green to indicate which zone the bay belongs to.

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