In the realm of technology, innovation takes on many forms. From groundbreaking, disruptive innovation to incremental improvements of existing technology, sucessful IT innovation requires disciplined management and creative firesight to transform novel ideas into business vale and turn business value into bottom line profit.

The Warehouse of the Future will still be about achieving key operational metrics, exceeding customer service requirements and supporting the need to move goods more profitably.

The Warehouse of the Future

Over the past few decades, warehouse and distribution center (DC) management has evolved from a model governed by manual labor and paper-based tracking to one in which technology plays a vital role in better utilization of available resources and growing space restrictions.

Today’s modern warehouse incorporates a deft mix of highly evolved technologies and optimized business processes, while maximizing human interaction to provide increased labor throughput to help ensure supply chain success. Many organizations have invested heavily in Automated Control Systems (ACS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to enhance the automating and streamlining of standard tasks to substantially improve their operating efficiency and reduce transaction costs. The seamless integration with ERP and other inventory control and management systems, along with optimizing existing business processes, continues to provide improved efficiency with enhanced visibility of management information.

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