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With the introduction of Honeywell Guided Work Solutions, Voice warehousing is now available to businesses using devices running on the AndroidTM operating system. This gives businesses around the globe easy access to Voice-directed warehousing and the potential for better productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

The traditional enterprise Voice solution requires a headset and a belt-mounted portable device. With Android Voice, users can pair the wireless headset directly to their Android device to receive instructions from the fully configurable Voice application.

After a short training program which teaches the user how to use Voice, and teaches the software the user’s voice profile, a brand-new user can be up and running with Android Voice very quickly, often reducing on-boarding time by half.


Based on the same Honeywell Vocollect Voice technology which Dematic Real Time Logistics introduced into Australia and New Zealand over 25 years ago, Android Voice can help small to medium sized businesses increase productivity by up to 35 percent and improve accuracy by decreasing error rates by up to 50 percent.

For more information on how your business can adopt Android Voice and achieve new standards of excellence, please contact us today.

How it works

Voice-directed warehousing has the potential to improve productivity in warehouse operations by up to 35%. Voice is most used in picking and replenishment processes but can also provide improvements when implemented in other areas of the distribution centre including receiving and despatch.

In Voice-directed picking, instead of referring to an order list on a hand-held device, or even a paper pick list, users are given tasks via voice commands through a wireless headset speaker, and they confirm instructions by replying via the headset microphone. The key benefit this gives the user is that they are now working hands-free and eyes-free. The user can be picking the item and confirming the pick simultaneously or moving towards the next task location as the next task is given, resulting in a faster and streamlined workflow.


There are a number of additional benefits to Voice picking:


Without the need to constantly look down to read instructions, users have a better awareness of their surroundings, giving significant safety benefits in a warehouse environment.


The warehouse management system (WMS) receives updated information in real time, enabling better visibility of stock levels, stock-outs, as well as daily task progress.


By using check digits at pick locations and voice confirmation of pick quantities, users can be certain that they have picked the right item and the right amount. In this way picking accuracy is increased by up to 99.99%.


Hand-free operation is ideal in environments such as chill or freezer warehouses, where bulky gloves and other PPE can make using hand-held computers or pick lists more difficult.


After a very short training session, Voice picking is an extremely intuitive process, and many pickers are up to speed in as little as one hour, making it ideal for temporary or seasonal staff.


Voice can be used in over 40 languages, and each user will set up their own speech profile, where the software learns how they pronounce instructions and confirmations, no matter what their regional accent is.

To read about how other businesses have benefitted from a Voice solution from Dematic, check out some of our customer case studies at https://www.realtimelogistics.com.au/case-studies/.

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