This webinar was held on September 12, 2017. If you are interested in operational acuity software please contact us today.

Join us for essential business insights into Honeywell’s Voice Acuity software and how it can help you run your DC more effectively. Voice Acuity uses data collection, aggregation and predictive modelling techniques for detailed and powerful data analysis – making sense of the vast amount of data generated in a Voice directed workflow environment. It’s operational intelligence for a more efficient, more productive supply chain business.

Join Dematic’s Brian Lang and Honeywell’s Anthony Beavis to find out how your business could benefit from this powerful operational analytics tool.

In this webinar learn how to:

  • Receive data analysis reports in an easily visible and actionable format
  • Detect and address negative trends to assist your operators
  • Find and eliminate unnecessary pauses and lengthy prompts
  • Easily identify hardware and operational issues quickly, and reduce the impact of repeated workarounds
  • Observe battery levels before and after devices are used, to ensure they are properly charged.

Plus see a live demonstration of the Voice Acuity portal.

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