WiFi Management and Security for Supply Chains

Presented by Brian Lang, Dematic and Josh Hannaford and Jean-Sebastian Fontana, Extreme Networks

High-profile privacy breaches such as those at Equifax, Yahoo and Uber have made it clear that more needs to be done to protect sensitive data. One important area to focus on is the network, which is often a complex system made up of myriad wired and wireless technology which process and store sensitive data. This complexity has left many organisations with blind spots:

  • How do you tell if your network is compliant with industry security standards or will pass audit?
  • Do you know who has accessed your data?
  • Are your security policies being bypassed by rogue devices?
  • If a breach occurs, what is your plan to deal with it?

In this webinar, Dematic and Extreme Networks guide you through best practice examples of how you can get the best from of your WiFi network while minimising management headaches along with lowering security and compliance risks in this challenging environment.