Saving seconds to save hours

Voice productivity in the warehouse

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KION Group acquires Dematic

KION Group to become a global leader in intralogistics solutions by acquiring Dematic

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Four technologies that complement Voice

Voice technology’s inherent flexibility allows it to be easily integrated with other common warehouse technologies and software to deliver an end-to-end...

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Making the most of your Voice investment: Reaping the...

Heads of logistics and supply chain are increasingly looking for IT systems that deliver a quick return on investment (ROI), and...

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Dematic Acquires NDC Automation

Dematic Announces Acquisition of NDC Automation, a Leading Provider of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Software.

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Dematic Receives Top Honeywell Partner Recognition

Dematic was recently named Honeywell’s ANZ 2015 Partner of the Year as part of the Honeywell Australia and New Zealand Executive...

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The Benefits of Voice for a Varied Workforce

Hiring casual workers for campaign peaks or seasonal periods can present a challenge as many speak English as a second language....

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Taking your Voice further in the Distribution Centre

Voice technology has traditionally been viewed as a natural fit for order picking in the warehouse. However, as business pressures such...

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Busting the Myths: Addressing Common Misconceptions around...

Voice technology is still not fully understood in the supply chain industry. We address the top 5 misconceptions people tend to...

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