The ultra-rugged Honeywell CK71 provides users flexibility to quickly transition to tasks that require near or far scanning, speech, voice and image capture, using the same device. The CK71 computer supports Honeywell’s wired or wireless headsets and voice software, also providing the option of traditional or voice-enabled workflows.

The CK71 mobile computer provides news insights view its unique device health reporting capability. Workers and IT services can monitor key subsystems including battery life, scanning and communications, and prevent issues that would otherwise impact productivity and throughput.

The ergonomic, compact CK71 mobile includes a range of options for radios, keypads, imagers, software and services, allowing the device to be tailored to meet various business and employee requirements.

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Honeywell Intermec CK71 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer benefits:

  • Compact Design. 31% smaller and lighter than leading devices in the ultra-rugged class.
  • Fast Imaging. Industry’s fastest and farthest imaging engines deliver superior motion tolerance and barcode read range.
  • Versatile. Exceptional peripheral support and snap-on accessories provide versatility for every distribution environment.
  • Long Battery Life. Advanced power and battery management technologies extend device run time and reduce the expense of replacement batteries.
  • Non-Incendive Version Available. Extend the use of the CK71 mobile computer into hazardous locations with the non-incendive certified (Div. 2) version.


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