With more features than any other unit on the market, this new handheld mobile computer will give your team the power of high-speed computing, where and when they need it.

Designed for rugged industrial operations, the new Omnii XT15 is fully modular which means you can change its components whenever advances are made, at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

With its certified IP67 rating, the Omnii XT15 delivers the most reliable performance on the market for the most demanding tasks and environments. It’s the ultimate handheld solution for supply chain logistics.

For a product demonstration of how the Omnii XT15 is designed to meet even the most demanding customer requirements contact Dematic Real Time Logistics today

Psion Omnii XT15 Handheld Terminal Features:

  • Heavy duty display able to withstand a 1.25 Joule impact breakage
  • IP67 rated
  • Large capacity battery designed for extended battery life of up to 20 hours
  • Six keyboard options including QWERTY numeric, all with white backlight for dark environments
  • High-sensitivity imager for more reliable scanning
  • Expanded wireless introducing 3.8G HSPA+ and 2G EDGE (WWAN-Broadband), and 802.11n (WLAN – WiFi)
  • In-built accelerometer, GPS, and digital compass, enabling screen rotation, data geo-tagging and motion sensing

NEW! Psion Omnii XT15f – Chiller and Arctic models

Designed to withstand the constant temperature shifts and extreme conditions in the cold storage environment, the Omnii XT15f features automatic temperature sensors and heating control systems, allowing it to automatically adjust to the environment to maintain effective operation.

  • Dual IP65 and IP67 rating for sealing
  • Heated scan window for frost-free scanning
  • Special keyboard design prevents icing and frozen keys
  • Freezer-rated batteries last up to twice as long in cold than regular batteries

For more information click here to download the Psion Omnii XT15f data sheet


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