Rugged Enterprise Mobility Terminals

Rugged enterprise mobility terminals deliver real-time connectivity to operations in the field ensuring customer satisfaction, worker productivity, and information integrity.

Built for the field environment, they are designed to handle harsh weather including dust, rain and extreme temperatures, to withstand knock, drops and tumbles, and have industrial-grade scanners for reliable, fast capture of barcodes and RFID. This provides you with a lower total cost of ownership and peace of mind that your workers are equipped with the best tool for the job.

Drawing on our knowledge of industrial operations and extensive range of best-in-class technologies, Dematic can help you select the best mobility computer for your application and budget, seamlessly integrating the solution with your host system and providing on-going 24/7 support.

Contact Dematic Real Time Logistics today to discuss a solution for your business, or check out some of our partners’ best-in-class devices below.

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