Honeywell’s Thor VM3 vehicle-mounted computer has been designed with a range of new features which help eliminate downtime and maximise productivity, including a smart dock feature for fast switchover of devices, an easily replaceable front panel which allows for easier on-site maintenance, and the flexibility of support for multiple Windows-based operating systems, allowing simply integration and application development as your business needs grow.

With memory expandable up to 4 GB RAM and 64 GB solid-state disk, the Thor VM3 computer can run powerful programs and applications to maximise efficiencies in activities such as case picking, truck loading, put-away and replenishment—giving workers real-time access to information anywhere it is needed.

Whether indoors, outdoors, in a warehouse, distribution centre, or manufacturing facility, the Thor VM3 computer enables businesses to choose the options needed to maximise efficiencies in the most demanding environments.

For more information, or for a product demonstration of the Thor VM3 from Honeywell, contact Dematic Real Time Logistics today.

Honeywell Thor VM3 Vehicle-Mounted Computer Benefits:

  • Smart Dock feature enables mounting and removal in seconds, maximising efficiency by allowing dynamic shifting of computers as workloads change.
  • A replaceable front panel reduces maintenance costs by allowing users to service the most wear—and abuse—prone components themselves rather than returning them for repair.
  • Built-in ignition control eliminates the maintenance expense and lost productivity caused by a low vehicle battery.
  • Optional screen-blanking feature restricts driver access to the screen when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Intel® x86 architecture and Dual Core 1.5 GHz processor enable superior performance and reliability in data-intensive applications.
  • With support for multiple versions of Windows (including Windows CE), the Thor VM3 easily integrates into existing IT infrastructures while enabling an upgrade path for the future.


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