Vision Picking Systems

Vision systems, including vision picking, can provide similar benefits in warehousing to Voice picking systems by providing paperless and hands-free operation.

Smart glasses or Heads-up Displays (HUD) provide visual overlays that display information about a task at the time and location that information is required. For example, when a picker reaches the desired pick location, a description of the required product and the quantity needed would be displayed in the operator’s smart glasses. This eliminates the need to carry a pick list or handheld device, freeing up the operator’s hands for the actual pick tasks.

Benefits of vision systems in warehousing:

  • Agile, quick fulfilment
  • Reduced error rates
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Fast on-boarding
  • Hands-free
  • Improved Operational Health & Safety (OH&S)
  • High approval rate among operators

Smart Glasses

Wearable vision technologies use barcode scanning technology and integrated cameras to interact with the warehouse environment, guiding operators through the warehouse and to where they need to be. Route optimisation and the timely access to correct data allows operators to work more efficiently, and virtually eliminate errors.

All items, totes, and locations can easily be checked visually, providing continuous quality control and inventory management, and reducing the need for time-consuming stocktakes.

Vision systems typically comprise a wearable computer and ergonomic head-mounted display. No additional input device is required.

Dematic Real Time Logistics is a distributor of Vuzix Smart Glasses. These smart glasses also support voice picking for additional accuracy and ease-of-use. Vuzix Smart Glasses are specifically designed for industrial settings, with a rugged yet ergonomic design, large internal storage, wireless connectivity, and high-spec recording technology.

Dematic’s Vision picking solution is also available with Zebra’s HD4000 Head-mounted Display. Check out the video to see vision picking in action.

Dematic Vision Picking Technology

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Vision Picking FAQs

What are the benefits of vision picking?

  • Real-time digital order info, while freeing hands from RF devices.
  • Visual cues, systems recognise worker’s position in the warehouse.
  • Visual display of order info, error-free picking, faster fulfilment.
  • Easy to learn, comfortable to wear.

What are the advantages of vision picking and voice compared to voice only?

  • Waiting for a voice alone system to finish verbalizing long instruction inputs can slow more experienced workers down.
  • Distraction or fatigue may cause a worker to lose catch of a voice cue, duplicating commands.
  • Visual cues provide an extra level of confirmation to increase accuracy and speed.

How does vision picking compare to RF scanners?

  • Vision keeps hands free, eyes remain on products. RF devices require the worker to look down at the screen for each action point.
  • Vision picking does not need the user to look away, focus remains steady.
  • Vision picking assists the worker in identifying where they left off, reducing errors. Traditional methods require manual concentration to restart picking.
  • Vision allows for cues to be seen visually and heard audibly.
  • All of these advantages lead to improved productivity and worker satisfaction.

How will implementing vision picking change a worker’s role?

  • More accurate efficient results for workers on every task. Unlock the full potential of each worker.
  • Constant support to reduce errors and fatigue
  • Increased engagement & job satisfaction
  • For management:
  • Training times are drastically reduced compared to traditional picking techniques such as RF
  • Higher confidence in order fulfilment

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