What is Voice Picking?

Voice picking solutions use innovative technology and software that directs warehouse operators to certain storage locations and tells them what to pick and where to put it.

Wearing a headset designed for comfort, a picker listens to the instructions and confirms locations and quantities etc. by simply speaking back to the system. Voice recognition software understands the response – even in a noisy warehouse – and then continues to direct the picker accordingly.

The major benefit is that picking is made easier. Locations are easy to identify, quantities are confirmed with the system and the picker can work continuously without the need to look down to find his or her place on a long pick list. And when something is easier you can do it better. Picking errors are reduced, picks are completed more quickly, and any discrepancies between the data and the inventory are sorted out as you go.

Voice benefits don’t stop at order picking in a warehouse. Dematic provides its customers with Voice solutions from our partner Vocollect, designed and optimised for end-to-end supply chain applications, whether in a warehouse, port, yard or factory.

Dematic is very proud to be a Vocollect Platinum Level partner and Total Solution Provider in Australia and New Zealand, providing quality Vocollect Voice-centric solutions.

Check out some of Vocollect’s newest Voice devices below. If you would like more information about a Voice solution that is tailored to your requirements,

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